The Preparation & The Weddings Ceremony

I will give you some sample ceremonies before the wedding for you to choose what ceremony you would like.

The ceremonies are sample only. You can cut and paste , joined a few together, change the words, or throw the lot in the bin and get one from somewhere else. Its your wedding. so I do whatever you want in the ceremony.

The most important part of the weddings ceremony is the vows. With the vows you need to state your full name and that you are “taking each other for husband and wife”.

Anything else you want to include is perfectly O.K.

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The Location

Under Australian law, you can be married by a Civil Marriage Celebrant anywhere within the Commonwealth of Australia, which means you can marry in a park, on a beach, in a chapel, in a Hot Air Balloon, or under the water. The only place Civil Marriage Celebrants do no perform weddings is in recognized churches. We leave that to the priests.

Tropical North Queensland has a wide variety of beautiful places to get married, including beaches, rainforests, chapels, coral atolls, parks, gardens, wherever you want. Some places do require bookings and a fee is payable

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Paperwork requirements

Before I can marry anyone in Australia, I must receive a Notice of Intended Marriage form. The “Notice of Intended Marriage” form needs to be filled in, signed and witnessed by either a J.P., Marriage Celebrant, Solicitor, Doctor or Police Officer if you are in Australia. If you are overseas it must be signed in front of, and witnessed by, either an Australian Consular Official, or a Notary Public. The form can be downloaded from the web at The form must be back in my hands at least 1 month before the wedding.

l would also need to sight your “original” Birth Certificates and if you’ve been married before your “original” divorce papers. If you are coming from overseas to get married in Australia, you would also need to show your passport.
It’s best if you could post, fax, or email me a photocopy of the Birth Certificates, passports and Divorce papers before the wedding, and then bring the originals with you when you travel to North Queensland

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